Pledge eternal loyalty all year round in the heart of the city!

At the foot of the Chain Bridge, opposite the Buda Castle, on the Danube on the Spoon boat, you will have a stunning wedding!

You have decided — you will live life together. Seal the love of your hearts with the wedding ceremony in the lights of the city, in the conservatory of the ship Spoon.

Have a wedding like in romantic movies! The pastor of the Ecumenical Church swears aboard the ship in an interdenominational ceremony throughout the year.

On the terrace of the boat it is possible to organize a cocktail party, the atmosphere of which is provided by the Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge.

LAST MINUTE? No problem!
Do you get married immediately because of a sudden event? With us, anything is possible.



The foundation of your marriage is a promise. The promise to stick together in good and bad, for a lifetime. This is the promise you make in the wedding ceremony, which is celebrated by the pastor of the Ecumenical Church.

The ceremony is intimate, lighthearted, and in a good mood, as seen in the films, while elements of the traditional church oath are also present. The pastor has been helping couples for 20 years. The ceremony is an experience for guests and family.

You can find out the process and background of the wedding ceremony on the website, where you will also get answers to your questions directly.


Half an hour before the ceremony, the wedding guests gather, who are welcomed with fibrous soft drinks, mineral water, excellent semi-sparkling wine. On the table is a special selection of homemade scones.


After the swearing-in ceremony, the wedding guests toast with champagne, congratulate the young couple, and it is also possible to take joint group photos in the stunning 360-degree panorama of the Danube.


Unforgettable experience

The wedding was an unforgettable experience for everyone. It was fascinating to say yes at sunset.


Sight, tastes, atmosphere

We were uncompromising on three things. In sight, good-tasting food and perfect mood. All in one place – this is Spoon.



Returning home from Germany, we thought of a location that was elegant but still homely. So my mommy from Borsod and the friends from Stuttgart had a good time.


Modern and loose

We knew we wanted to impress our guests – in the first hour of the wedding. But after that, we wanted a modern and relaxed party. Came. Both.



Five stars. Everything. Even the toilet. And knowing me, that’s the biggest praise.


Tranquility and feast

I was so tense in preparation for the wedding that I wanted peace of mind on the big day. To have everything in place when I celebrate. Thanks for letting me have it.

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