Celebrate your wedding in the panorama of the Danube!

At the foot of the Chain Bridge, opposite the Buda Castle, on the Danube on the Spoon boat, you will have a stunning wedding!

On the terrace of the boat it is possible to organize a ceremony and a cocktail party, the atmosphere of which is provided by the Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge.

Three restaurants with different atmospheres ensure an unforgettable event, with an unparalleled panorama, a circular table or board table layout, a dance floor. Dinners are offered on both served and buffet offerings.

Our goal is to provide not only a gastronomic experience, but also a special sight for the Guest who comes to us.



Wedding venue for up to 100 people

Effortless elegance and event venue. The room has a capacity of 130 people, which takes shape in a wide variety of layouts.

The interior design provides an opportunity for guests looking for an elegant atmosphere to be part of a real lounge experience. On the wall, common photos spin on the displays, and in the bar counter are the excellent mixers. And the panorama of the Buda Castle – Chain Bridge surpasses everything.


Wedding venue for up to 60 people

Golden splendor and unparalleled elegance characterize our Cafe hall. First-class restaurant, which with a capacity of 80 people is suitable for family events. The Buda Castle is located opposite the windows, its picturesque skyline accompanies lunch or dinner.

It is also ideal for organizing weddings with a smaller number of people, as the layout of the room is homely, intimate.


Wedding venue for up to 30 people

Above the city awaits the magical glass hall with windows on all sides. Heating and cooling ensure the comfort of fully enclosed rooms.

The venue for the wedding ceremony is up to 60 people. In any season, it is the perfect choice for a civil ceremony or even an outsourced church ceremony. In the continuation of the winter garden, an outdoor ceremony can also be held in the shade of the tarpaulin roof.


Unforgettable experience

The wedding was an unforgettable experience for everyone. It was fascinating to say yes at sunset.


Sight, tastes, atmosphere

We were uncompromising on three things. In sight, good-tasting food and perfect mood. All in one place – this is Spoon.



Returning home from Germany, we thought of a location that was elegant but still homely. So my mommy from Borsod and the friends from Stuttgart had a good time.


Modern and loose

We knew we wanted to impress our guests – in the first hour of the wedding. But after that, we wanted a modern and relaxed party. Came. Both.



Five stars. Everything. Even the toilet. And knowing me, that’s the biggest praise.


Tranquility and feast

I was so tense in preparation for the wedding that I wanted peace of mind on the big day. To have everything in place when I celebrate. Thanks for letting me have it.

Wedding ceremony in the heart of the city

Stunning panorama from all directions surrounds the year-round winter garden

Before the wedding ceremony, your guests will gather on the top floor of the Spoon boat, in the 360-degree panorama of the Danube. They have a glass of drink in their hands, pleasant music plays, and on board the ship the ceremonial venue is ready, the excellent background of which is the Buda Castle, the Castle Garden Bazaar, the Chain Bridge, the surroundings of Vígadó, the Pesti Korzó.

The wedding ceremony can be a captain’s ceremony, a boat wedding, a symbolic ceremony, an outsourced church ceremony, and the registrar can also come to the venue.

After the wedding ceremony, amazing group photos are taken – especially during the “blue hour”!



instead of a dream wedding – real

You only have one chance to make your wedding perfect. However, members of the Master of Ceremonies Association have to prove themselves at hundreds of weddings every year. In this team you can find a master of ceremonies who speaks in a cultured way in English, German and Hungarian and helps you in every way for your day.


ecumenical ceremony

Your marriage is built on one promise: you will stick together for a lifetime. The pastor of the Ecumenical Church, who is preparing for this, will help you prepare for this, who will give you a wedding ceremony similar to the one we know from romantic films. With heart and soul. The church service can also be held together with a registrar.


free, tune in, upload

The power of live music fills the wedding when the 3-person Together Gospel Singers gospel choir sings at the ceremony. In addition to “Stand by me”, which will also be performed at the British royal wedding, several songs will add colour to the ceremony and even the time of waiting for the guests. And your favorite song will be gladly sung to you as the ceremony begins.

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