Ákos Szabó

F&B Director

Semperger Szabolcs ügyvezető igazgató

Szabolcs Semperger

Managing Director


Spoon konyha csapat
Fekete Tibor<br />
Executive chef

Tibor Fekete

Executive chef


As Executive Chef, I am responsible for the long-term representation and development of the brand. My passion for hospitality took hold from a young age and has become a deeper knowledge over the years. What I love about my job is the opportunity to preserve and rediscover forgotten traditions, while serving as a point of reference for the team. I am proud to represent the Spoon brand and to be at the head of a talented kitchen team. In my spare time, I learn about all aspects of my profession because I feel passionate about developing a deeper understanding of gastronomy.  Professional humility, patience and precision are of paramount importance to me, accompanied by experimentation and creativity throughout my career.

Sipos Balázs<br />
Sous chef

Balázs Sipos

Sous chef


As deputy chef, I manage the day-to-day operations, including purchases, events and kitchen supervision. I am passionate about variety, creativity and hospitality. Our community is close-knit, cooking is everyone’s passion. In my spare time I like to explore the world, I enjoy hiking, photography and vehicle research. Customer focus, knowledge and dedication are important to me. Cooking is not just a job for me. Authenticity and self-identity are important to me, because you can only do well in your profession if you have these qualities.

Pintér Alexandra<br />

Alexandra Pintér

pastry chef


Our colleague runs the pastry department, enthusiastically and creatively creating high quality desserts. He has been attracted to pastry since childhood and, following this path, he successfully completed his training as a pastry chef after reaching maturity. She loves the opportunity to express herself in her work and finds happiness in making desserts that bring joy to people. She takes particular pride in working with her team and satisfying her customers. In her spare time, she likes to spend time actively with her family and friends. For a good professional, love, commitment and humility are important, as well as continuous improvement and effective communication with both guests and colleagues.


Faragó Eszter<br />
Rendezvény értékesítő

Erika Hegedűs

Event salesperson



Perjás Noémi Rendezvény értékesítő

Noémi Perjás

Event salesperson


I work in sales and event management at Spoon the Boat. I was inspired by travel to get into hospitality. I love variety and human interaction. I pride myself on quick onboarding and positive feedback. In my spare time I play sports and travel, I run competitively. I believe it is important to recognize the needs of our guests and to be patient and inspiring to our customers.


Mészáros Kimberli<br />
Rendezvény értékesítő

Kimberli Mészáros

Event salesperson


Kimberli got into hospitality through her family, motivated by her father’s example. She started as a bartender at a young age and now boasts of hosting events for 100 people at Spoon. She loves the variety and creativity of her work, which creates an unforgettable experience for her guests. He spends his free time with his family and friends and loves to travel to World Heritage sites. He is punctual, has good communication skills, a constant desire to improve and is committed to his profession.



spoon the boat
Búzás Tamás<br />
Étterem vezető

Tamás Búzás

Restaurant manager


I was attracted to hospitality from a young age and I’m happy to be the restaurant manager of an iconic place. I am proud that we are able to provide a high quality experience for our guests. In my spare time I work with wine, it’s a hobby. Humility and knowledge are important to me and I am happy when our guests are satisfied.


Lánc Tamás<br />
Étterem vezető helyettes

Tamás Lánc

Assistant restaurant manager


At Spoon the Boat, I’m an Assistant Store Manager, involved in day-to-day operations, merchandising, catering and team management. My childhood kitchen experience inspired my career choice, I loved being in the kitchen through my grandmother. I love challenges and interacting with people. I am proud to work as part of a close-knit team. In my spare time I enjoy nature, travelling and exploring other cultures and food.


Lakatos Fanni<br />
Bankett vezető

Fanni Lakatos

Banquet leader


As a student, I started in catering at the Groupama Arena, where I fell in love with event catering. Ever since, I have been driven by excitement and growth. Organising events for hundreds of people at Spoon is my pride and joy. In my spare time, I hike, bike and try new sports. Being guest-focused and constantly improving is important to me.