A magical glass room, six metres above the water

Heating and cooling provide the comfort of fully enclosed rooms. The bar is richly furnished and the view is hundreds of years old. We’ll help you set the mood… the rest is up to you…

The features of the Conservatory:

Sound equipment: background music (closed sound system)

Other information:
50 Italian designer chairs
20 cube tables 70×70 cm
1 built-in bar
Air-conditioned and heated space with natural light

Surface area: 107 sqm
Capacity: 70 people
Seated standing reception (with long tables): 50-60 people
Banqueting (with long tables): 40-50 people
Wedding arrangement: 30-40 people

The Spoon’s covered terrace, which can accommodate up to 80 people, is popular and ideal for gatherings of friends, birthdays and small corporate events. Our aim is to offer our guests not only a gastronomic experience, but also a special view.

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Table reservations are not currently available.
Table reservations are currently not possible.